Ninja & OCR @ KW Aikido

Ninja and OCR at KW Aikido

We’re closed due to the current lockdown, unfortunately. But while we wait, we build…
Open Gym times are available Tuesday and Thursdays, at 7PM.

Our focus is on Ninja Warrior and Obstacle Course Race training, in downtown Kitchener.
Got a race coming up?
Just enjoy the obstacles?
Come down and have some fun.

Ninja / OCR training is a full-body workout, developing your core body strength as well as upper body & grip.

You’ll learn to manage your own momentum as you lache between hanging obstacles, build stabilizing muscles on our slack line and balance obstacles, and build strength from hanging obstacles and the salmon ladder.

Ready to try something new to get in shape?


The Salmon Ladder

  • 12′ Tall
  • Double Sided
  • Adjustable rungs

Think you can make it to top? Come give it a try.

Slack Line

  • Practice balance on our movable slack line
  • Great training for martial arts, gymnastics, climbing

Ninja Line

  • Interchangeable hanging
  • Grip training
  • Learn body control, practice with different holds

Quad Steps

  • Improve agility and balance
  • Manage your body’s momentum to keep moving forward and not slide off

Ninja Frame

  • 10′ 6″ high
  • 25′ long
  • Interchangeable hanging obstacles

Coming January 2021!