Open Hand

Aikido is known for its open-hand defensive techniques, and they form the basis for the mental, weapon, and freestyle techniques learned during advanced training.

Our focus is on diffusing aggression without harm, and extending this training to our ability to handle challenging situations in all aspects of life.


Aikido training primarily involves three classes of weapon, all of which are taught.

We run separate weapon classes, usually immediately after Open Hand classes.

Sword (ken)
Aikido movements are based on traditional Japanese Samurai combat techniques, and as such are deeply rooted in the tradition of the sword. We train using bokken, a hardwood practice sword, and focus on both basic striking and open-handed defence against sword attack.

Staff (jo)
The short staff is one of the most practical of the traditional weapons. Many common objects (a broom, for example) are simple stand-ins for the short staff, making it a practical training exercise to work with this weapon. Additionally, the physical extension and distance of the staff is an excellent tool for ensuring you are executing techniques from the hara (centre), rather than using the strength of your arms.

Knife (tanto)
– Like the jo, the knife is a practical training tool, which helps prepare students for the types of risks they could face in real-world situations, and helps to learn to approach even dangerous situations with a calm and controlled demeanor.

Kids Classes

For parents concerned about martial arts as an activity for children, Aikido is an excellent option. With our focus on non-violent solutions to conflict and teaching self-control, it is an excellent option.