Yoshinkan Aikido – Meirokan Dojo

KW Aikido has ceased operations due to the financial impact of the pandemic.
Some members are working to open a non-profit to continue teaching Yoshinkan in KW – watch this space!

A Martial Art, not a sport

We teach Yoshinkan Aikido, a martial art developed out of pre-war aiki-jiujitsu. Yoshinkan is aimed at developing the skills necessary to protect oneself, in a safe environment. We train a mix of set forms, free attacks, and exercises to improve awareness, fitness, and control.

Self-Improvement instead of competition

Training in Yoshinkan Aikido is non-competitive; we don’t have any tournaments or competitions. Our goal is to provide the right level of resistance to help each student improve, instead of frustrating them to prove who’s better.

Conflict Management

Even when attacked, injuring someone is an unfortunate consequence. By teaching our students how to minimize the harm done, we work to avoid escalating conflicts. Subduing an attacker without injury is both harder and preferable to the alternative.

Learn to be Unflappable

Maintaining a calm and clear view even under pressure not only helps in situations of violence, but in stressful situations in our daily lives. Aikido provides a safe place to create these situations, and learn to adapt to them.

Situational Awareness

Our students learn to remain aware at all times. We train with multiple opponents, and angles of attack to develop awareness of our surroundings, making us safer in every situation. The best fight is the one you avoid entirely.

Sound good? Come down and try a class with us.